Colour now hits the Centre Line

Revolutionising Dressage Fashion: Embracing Coloured Breeches and Stylish Innovation

Gone are the days of monochrome monotony; now, thanks to the recent relaxation of clothing rules by British Dressage, riders can express their personalities boldly through their choice of attire. From the timeless elegance of classic navy to the audacious vibrancy of cherry red, Lotus Romeo jackets offers a spectrum of hues to suit every taste and mood. Make a statement in a striking cobalt blue tailcoat, turning heads as you execute your flawless pirouettes, as shown recently by brand ambassador Carl Hester. And with the rule change for breeches why not complete the outfit, and trot down the centreline in a pair of deep, colour matched breeches, from brands such as Cavaleros. They utilise technically advanced, high-quality compression fabrics for breeches and leggings which will help the rider battle muscle soreness and aid in recovery. Their Salina X-Support Leggings, in a variety of deep, rich, and now competition legal colours, sit like a pair of traditional breeches, but ride and feel like a pair of riding leggings! They have full grip silicone ensuring a fantastic hold in the saddle.

But it’s not just about colour; it’s about innovation too. As the official supplier for the British Olympic Dressage Team and Para Dressage team for Paris 2024, Lotus Romeo is at the forefront of technical advancements in equestrian attire. Their latest masterpiece? Ground-breaking tailcoats and jackets, (of which the design is top secret) to ensure the British Equestrian Team not only look super stylish and patriotic, but the featherlight “mesh” fabric will keep them cool in the saddle even in the hottest temperatures. The fit offers maximum flexibility, allowing riders to compete in comfort with a full range of movement. Say goodbye to stiff, restrictive jackets and hello to effortless elegance and performance. But the pièce de résistance? Personalisation. With Lotus Romeo, riders can customise their attire to reflect their unique style and personality. Whether it’s adding subtle embellishments, bold piping or incorporating bespoke details, the possibilities are endless.

In a nod to sustainability, Lotus Romeo is committed to using eco-friendly fabrics and practices in their manufacturing process. Each jacket is individually made so reducing the need for stockpiles of garments and by opting for high-quality materials that stand the test of time, riders can reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on style or performance. Additionally, caring for your competition clothing is key to prolonging its lifespan. Simple measures such as washing at lower temperatures and air-drying can help preserve the integrity of the fabric and save on energy consumption, ensuring that your attire remains as pristine as the day you first donned it.


As we embrace this new era of dressage fashion, revel in the freedom of expression and creativity that colour can bring. 

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