Scharf Freedom Coldblood Girth


Coldblood models are available in the Freedom girth.

Coldblood breeds have a round, flat, huge and thick chests, so they need more space and separation between pad, for a better fit of the girth.

As we know with cold bloods there are different morphologies, the difference between the mare and the gelding/stallion is remarkable.

We must remember that these breeds were always intended for draught, harness and power work and not to be ridden under saddle. No specifically designed girths have ever been developed for them that we are aware of. In conjunction with our customers, Scharf have developed and adapted the Freedom girth to work with their biomechanics. For example, the most prominent change for the cold blood model is the space in the sternum area. The Mares model has less space between the centre pieces than the Geldings/Stallions.

You can order any size for a Coldblood mare (M) or GS (gelding) and we do it with more or less space in the sternum area. There are different morphologies in cold bloods, if you would like use to look at at individual case please contact us directly as we are able to customize the Freedom girth for horses with special requirements.

Colours Available: Black, Chocolate and Honey

Sizes: 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm