Movement and the Scharf Freedom Girth

Scharf Freedom Girth CLose UP

“It is important for us, as riders, to understand how our horses work & move so that we can make the right choices”. Claire from Hi-Form explains why the Scharf Freedom girth will always be top of the list for their horses.

Troubleshooting the Scharf Girth

Understanding and Using the Scharf Girth Like any piece of technical equipment there is a right way and a wrong way. There are some very critical components that need to be correct for the girth to work as designed.  MONOFLAP GIRTHS We seem to have a habit in this country to under-girth our horses. For […]

Scharf launch innovative new training aid.


The Centre Line, experts in equestrian equipment, have just launched the first horse friendly training rein into the UK, made by Danish company ‘Scharf’. Brand new to the market, the Scharf Freedom Soft Reins are an ingenious aid and an entirely new concept designed for and focused on horse welfare. The Scharf Freedom Soft Reins […]

The Centre Line Sponsors British Dressage Preliminary Classes 2022

The Centre Line, experts in equestrian equipment, are delighted to announce their support ofthe British Dressage Preliminary Championships 2022. The Regional qualification classes take place from 1 st January to 30 th June 2022 and culminate in TheCentre Line British Dressage Preliminary Championships to be held at Somerford Park in September2022. The Centre Line online […]

SCHARF Girth Counterfeit Warning


SITUATION – Scharf have evidence that a company of Pakistani origin have offered for sale the SCHARF Freedom girth, using the same name with images taken directly from the Scharf website. The girth is a counterfeit, unlicensed, unauthorised and not sanctioned in anyway by Scharf.Scharf are working on appropriate and swift legal action in this […]

No replacement for the real thing…


Prada, Gucci, Chanel, all premium, all aspirational and all brands that experience unscrupulous counterfeiting. Copying luxury brands is big business, feeding those who aspire to a particular lifestyle by enabling the purchase of cheaper, inferior product is rife the world over. In most cases it is obvious that the counterfeit product is a “rip-off” – […]