We ride. Our horse’s health and happiness are core to our values, we like them to look and feel great both inside and out. Confidence is essential, you will find gear for yourself that we hope will make you feel fantastic coming down the centre line or soaring over jumps.  

Everything that you see on this site, is used by us.  We do a lot of research, are constantly looking for new technical innovation and have tried and tested hundreds of products, to get down to what we believe is the best value from a price, performance and comfort standpoint. We have a very varied product range focussed on kit that can help performance of either our horses or ourselves. Key to our strategy is to get riders to test products for us, those at the top of their game, it is the final test for us before we bring a product onboard.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing.

Nothing is too much trouble, every question is important to us. Call us, email us, message us we are always here to help.

Alice & Claire