Scharf Freedom Backtrack Girth


Scharf have developed a Freedom girth solution specifically for horses with:

  • Large stomachs
  • Forward girth grooves
  • High withers
  • Loose skin
  • Any other problems around the elbows

The Backtrack version can be used for Dressage. Sizing as standard is 60 cms to 80 cms.

With the Backtrack the lateral pads are placed towards the back of the armpit, and towards the centre of the flank. The Backtrack ensures that horses with stomachs (post partum, coming back from injury or similar) have a girth that is not pushed forward into the elbow movement and remains in the correct position.

At the same time, due to its anatomical design, the retracted lateral pad that gives it its name, creates extra space allowing those horses with loose skin at the elbows extra comfort.

When looking to purchase this alternative model, it is always important to describe the basic characteristics of your horse : stomach, forward girth groove, high withers, loose skin. We would recommend that you give us a call to have a conversation about your horse so that we can ensure choosing the correct model and length of girth. The BackTrack provides a preventive solution for your horse.

Colours Available: Black, Chocolate and Honey

Sizes: 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm

We are able to make girths for smaller or larger sizes. Please contact us to discuss your horse’s individual requirements.