Hi Form Oxydane


Do you worry that your horse is getting the nutrition they need? Maybe they sometimes seem a little bit off? Or a little bit spooky? Is their coat not as sparkly as you would like or maybe they have some skin irritations? Do you have concerns about their hooves cracking?

Does your horse just have a habit of looking everywhere but where you are meant to be going, maybe lacking in concentration? Or perhaps their performance is just not where it should be or they are struggling with stamina and recovery after exercise?

These are all common concerns and ones that we all face. These days there are natural deficiencies in our horse’s diets which Oxydane is formulated to combat.

It is a completely unique formula with over 60 active ingredients to ensure that the horse’s we love are receiving everything they need every day to be as healthy as possible.

Our customers come to us when they have these problems and more, sometimes they simply worry that their horse isn’t enjoying his feed. Other times they are concerned that they are a little bit girthy.

Then they tell us about the dramatic results they’ve seen from using Oxydane…

Feed as little as 10g per day