Hi Form Proflamaid Plus


Is your horse a little stiff? Coming up a “bit short”? “Just not quite right”? Getting on a bit? Is a youngster being taught the ropes? A Competition horse that is expected to perform at every event? Or do you just want to make sure that your best friend is as well looked after in the joint and muscle department as is possible?

You have landed on the right page.

If you do a little more exercise than is normal perhaps a little too much, you are sore, aching and tense.

Most of us run for a hot bath/shower and then reach for something to take the pain away. As we don’t mean to overdo it, it is exactly the same for our horses as we are schooling. A new movement, a little too much repetition trying to get something right, like us they feel it they just don’t have the luxury of soaking in the bath and reaching for a packet.

You would expect us to tell you how brilliant Proflamaid Plus is but we would rather leave this to our customers, Scroll down to see what they say…

Feed as little as 5g per day. A 2kg tub fed at 25g per day will last approx. 80 days