Hi Form TopLine


The natural way to support your horse building Top Line

  • Topline is excellent in supporting muscle growth as well as for horses with a poor appetite or in a rundown condition. Topline can also assist with Moody Mares and Boisterous Colts.
  • There is no substitute for the hard work required to build top line. Here at Hi Form we can support your horse and your efforts as muscle is built. See some of our customers results here….
  • We use Tissues Salts to re-establish balance. Don’t get these confused with crude minerals! Biochemical tissue salts or cell salts are mineral salts that exist in the cells and play a critical role in cellular metabolism. Hi form administer in small amounts, prepared in a way similar to homoeopathic remedies.
  • TopLine contains these salts along with organic herbs and herb extracts, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

We use L-Arginine, an amino acid that has a role in supporting the growth hormone and is involved in the immune response. The first amino acid is a major precursor of both thyroid and adrenal cortical hormones (adrenaline, dopamine and noradrenaline) which regulates blood pressure and regulates mental and physical performance. The second amino acid has a known and proven ability to sustain growth hormone production, muscle building can be influenced by its supplementation, the stimulation of growth hormones can activate immune response thus allowing your horses’ bodies to repair. In turn, the release of extra growth hormones can lead to the metabolism of stored fat and the building up and tone of muscle tissues.

The Ginseng used in TopLine can help with mental alertness. The several hormone like substances in Ginseng is thought to account for its simultaneous sedative and stimulating effect in the central nervous system.

TopLine does not contain fish, whey or any other animal proteins. Horses are herbivores, they should not be fed unsuitable by-products.

TopLine can be used as part of a long term program or for short term assistance depending on the requirements of you and your horse.

A 500g tub fed at 10g per day will last approx. 50 days

A 5Kg tub of Topline (£390.00) on a horse will last approximately 250 days = £1.56 per day