MICROCURRENT is the bioelectrical technology used within the EquiPod. It is often difficult for us to understand the differences between products on the market as they can all sound pretty much the same with some “interesting” marketing but suffice it to say there are HUGE differences. 

In the last 5 to 6 years there have been gigantic advances in the understanding of how different wavelengths and strengths of wavelength affect the Mitochondria and the generation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This is hugely important to understand as it completely affects the efficacy and outcome of the therapy. 

It is also fair to say that the wrong microcurrent parameters can inhibit the production of ATP. It is why London based  NuroKor Bioelectronics, has spent 6 long years in the development of EquiPod to ensure that the wavelengths are specific for the different treatments that the EquiPod provides. 

The EQUIPOD is the most advanced micro-current device available in the world today.


The mitochondria are what generate most of the energy needed to power cells, if we think of it as a battery. If we can charge the battery correctly (and that is key) this is what generates the ATP (we think of this as the energy source or charge). In equestrian terms, it is the battery that generates the impulsion (what we riders are always after with our horses 😉) to assist in the reparation of the cells and tissues of our horses. 

The reality is that the environment takes its toll on our horses. For example, electricity is alien to mammalian physiology, water quality, and chemicals within the water, and medication has an impact on mitochondrial health. It all inhibits the production of ATP and that is before we even start talking about everyday physical issues and inflammation. In us and our horses, dysfunctional mitochondria are the biggest issue we face on a daily basis. 

Damage, inflammation, disease, and unhealthy cells all affect the health of the tissue. If the health drops too much the cell dies.  The quicker you can normalise, the quicker the cell repairs and is back to  health.


EQUIPOD has a program called Maintenance & Wellbeing. It is there to be used daily or as close to daily as possible to counteract the effects the environment has on our horses. If you have only 15 minutes to spare using the Maintenance & Wellbeing program in the afternoon while you are mucking out and feeding there are valuable benefits to be had. 

Even in 15 minutes the mitochondria absorb the current and ATP is produced, the body then uses it for the healing and restoration process when your horse is at rest or asleep. 

All mammalian cells function in the same way, however, the equine metabolism is far quicker at reparation than ours!  If you can treat with EquiPod for longer than an hour then that is fantastic, your horse will thank you for it. Just put it on the KorBand and leave your horse to it – no need to tie up, just let him or her relax during the treatment 😊

We would say, don’t waste the night it can be restorative for your horse. 


With the EquiPod we promote not only systemic use of the product but localised use to the areas of particular interest, injury, or weakness. We know that localised treatment has been shown clinically superior to systemic use when we have an issue. It is why the EquiPod comes with the KorBand and KorWrap as well as the ability to use pads to get to these areas of interest for example hocks, stifles, and SI’s.  

Anywhere where we have an injury, be it soft tissue, bone, cartilage, joint, or wounds where cells and tissues have been compromised then the EquiIPod comes into its own, helping to repair cells and tissues to normalise cellular current in the limb or specific area. 

This program should also be used after exercise and competition. Using the KorBand is a great way to travel your horse home providing restorative therapy as you travel. 


Our dependence on pain relief drugs for our horses continues to grow however there is another way to provide relief to our horses. As we have already noted, drugs put a toll on the mitochondria and its ability to function at its optimum so using a drug free solution could be a way forward.

The programming of this functionality is very specific to pain and managing its effects and is the part of the product that can bring fast acting relief.


It is so simple. 

Got a mobile? Simply download the app and everything is driven from there. 

Simply pair the EquiPod to your device with Bluetooth and you are ready to give your first treatment! Couldn’t be easier. 

Set up your stable of horses, choose the treatment anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours, and keep a diary of every treatment you have done.

Can’t get to the yard? You can give access to your friends, yard owners, and grooms so they can step in and do it for you. It all updates on the app. 

Our horses are not machines, with EquiPod we are able to restore them without the use of drugs on a daily basis in conjunction with our vets, physios, chiros, and osteos who visit when we ask. 

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