As you all know, here at The CentreLine, nothing makes it to our site without a thorough checking out and testing to ensure that what we are bringing to our customers is the very best technology that is available on the market. This has never been truer than with RLT therapy. 

We have seen an influx of RLT systems hit the UK market with a lot of advertising using high profile riders to tempt you into using their products but as always with everything in the equestrian world, THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL.

You wouldn’t buy a horse without a vetting, you want to know what you are buying right?

The same is true here.


The current WAVE RLT pads utilise both 660 nm and 850 nm simultaneously in each LED, so you get the constant power similar to a laser. Many other products divide their lights into strands at 10 cm intervals or 3 cms apart, working from scientific papers this is not consistent with best practise. Best Practise states that red light (660 nms) and near infrared (850nms) must be given AT THE SAME TIME in the same place to support an effective treatment. 

When we were researching the market, the guys at WAVE RLT were very transparent about their data – openly specifying the kinds of wavelengths their light therapy uses whilst the same cannot be said from other providers who intentionally or unintentionally do not disclose the mW/CM2. This is a fundamental and if this is not freely given then all of us should walk away. 

In early 2024 we will be bringing the third generation pads to the UK where there are 3 lights in each LED, it is the first to market but like anything else we have been waiting for the trials to be completed successfully. Each LED will has 660 nm, 850 nm and 905 nm.


Red Light is measured on the SURFACE and the thing you must look for is mW/cm2 this is absolutely key. It cannot be measured in W or mW and totally remove yourself immediately if it says OUTPUT. We have measured products that have 80W in output but when measured on the surface of the horse it is actually 35-40 mW/cm2 which is a far cry from what is insinuated. 

So we measured the most prominent RLT pads on the market they range from 5mW/cm2 to 42 mW/cm2 the WAVE RLT pads measure 77.8 to 91.3 mW/cm2.

The WAVE RLT 2.0 and 3.0 pen provide a more concentrated but smaller area and provide 300 mW/cm2 in the case of the 2.0 and 380 mW/cm2 in the 3.0 which is getting close to lasers – please note that lasers have different prerequisites and should only be in the hands of professionals.  


Does the product emit waste heat? This is vitally important because if you want to use Red light on tendons for example, you absolutely need to avoid damage due to high heat from a product.

WAVE RLT does not emit waste heat and cannot become hot. The system it is uses avoids this, is patented and therefore it is safe and can actually be used for several hours at a time. 


A vitally important criteria as where there is no light it is a DEAD SPOT and no treatment will be given. 

Wavelengths cannot move out to the side, they are direct straight up or down as the case may be. This is a scientific fact. Some light therapy products have large areas where there is NO LIGHT.  

For example on a leg, it is of huge and great significance, the circumference of a leg is typically 20 cm, if there is 10 cms between each string of lights then it is virtually impossible to hit the tendon precisely. 


With our horses this is of course vitally important as we use on different horses across the yard or physios/body workers use on different yards. The WAVE is a closed system, so it is very easy to wipe the area that touches the horse with anti-bac wipes.

Of course, as many of our customers know very well, it is also important as they use it on themselves as well!


When we were checking out the best products, this was very high on our agendas as we all know if something isn’t easy to use and versatile then we tend to use a few times and then forget about it. 

The WAVE products are different. They are highly versatile and come with varying straps (we all have the complete packs so we have all the straps). It means that you can use the small or medium pads anywhere on the horse using the innovative strap system. 

No need to buy a different light pad for this part of the horse or that part of the horse. 

For example, the small pad can be used in the WAVE FIR boots, equally it can be used under the WAVE headcollar for the poll or TMJ, it can then be adapted to use around the base of neck, on the SI or back using the straps. 


Everything has its limitations however at WAVE a lot has been done to ensure that it can cope with the things that it is exposed to on the yard. The Pads can be bent in all directions within reason. The LED pad itself is unique, in that the wires required have been kept to a minimum to maximise durability.  

Second generation pads which are available today has round LEDs and 37% more lights than any other competitive product we have seen on the market. 

 The third generation, coming in early 2024 to the UK is even more durable and can withstand even more punishment.


We all know that having a battery ready to go when you want it is extremely important. 

WAVE have upgraded their WAVE pad batteries to controllers so that you can not only know exactly how much power is left but you can also use it as a timer from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. These new controllers now come with every pad that is delivered from December 2023. 

These new controllers have between 6 to 10 times longer battery life than other brands on the market. On average, under testing, you can expect the small pad to have over 7 hours of use. 

We should say at this point that the first generation batteries also have excellent battery life.


This is pretty key too and something that may be over looked. The WAVE controllers ensure that even as the battery capacity drops it does not affect the treatment, as happens with other power sources. 

For example is there is only 30% battery left in the WAVE RLT, you still get 100% of the treatment. 

In our research we found this not to be the case with other products which ruled them out for us. WAVE have an external team of engineers who have tested these controllers to ensure that we enjoy maximum benefit at all times.

Ok, so lets get a bit techie here. The WAVE controllers are patented and are only in use with the WAVE. Other RLT suppliers generally use a general power source such as a power bank. So what you may say? We would say it is absolutely critical that the red light is maintains its power throughout the whole of the treatment time – with other sources whilst the red light remains on the treatment diminishes as the power capacity depletes from the power source and thus your treatment is truly sub optimal. 


No, there isn’t as we don’t believe it suits any purpose and is completely irrelevant to treat horses or other animals. Blue light is outside the optical therapeutic window which is from 600 to 1000 nms. Blue light is mostly used to fight acne on humans. Blue light penetrates to a maximum of 0.5mm into the tissue and cannot optimise cells. 

Our ethos is that red and near-infrared light is the only way to go and with the WAVE RLT system that us exactly what you get as we know it goes deeper and assists in the regeneration of cells. 


We know that the pads are not cheap, so therefore it is important that we protect our investment. Each pad or boot comes in its own travel case that protects whilst not in use. It also includes a brochure that provides insight into how to use the PAD on the horse so you can get maximum benefit from your purchase. 


This is another huge consideration.  We all know that more light shines through clear windows than frosted or opaque ones and through a big pane of glass rather than smaller panes. It is exactly the same principle for LEDs. The more matt the window is the less the light penetrates. 

We have seen brands where the LEDs are wrapped in matt silicon which negatively effects the power and therefore penetration of the LED and therefore the treatment is far weaker than you would expect. This is very easy to prove by using testing equipment that measures mW/cm2. 

In real terms it does take more that a smear of grease from a finger to effect the the mW/cm2 and so therefore the utilisation of a light wrapped in matt silicon has a pretty significant effect on performance. 


The guys at WAVE have a very close relationship with the leading manufacturers in the light therapy world. Their manufacturers are all certified by the US Health Agency CDC and are of the same calibre as those used to treat people in US hospitals in fixed stationary equipment. 

Our horses are very close to our hearts and I am sure that you are all the same. We have no wish to utilse anything that has not been proven time and again.


The WAVE team, we believe, offer the largest and deepest range of light therapy for horses and other animals – most of our customers use these pads on their dogs and cats too as well as themselves. 

This is not a fad or getting on the gravy train, they have been working on this for a long time and are truly committed to their work in this area. 

We know what they have in the pipeline and that they will continue to innovate as the technology, knowledge and research evolves, it is why we have partnered with them to bring the “Best of Breed” solution to the UK equestrian market. 

If you have questions about Red Light Therapy then please just contact us, we are here to help and assist you with any puzzlement or questions that you have. 

Message us, call us or send us an email We will normally be back to you within an hour 😉

A customer experience:

I have always found Wave Red Light Therapy incredibly fascinating. Even though I had read many positive reviews, I don’t think I truly understood its profound impact until I witnessed it firsthand! I was genuinely shocked… When I faced the challenge of a horse I had just purchased, which had developed sarcoids – one on the flank and a significant one on the left inner thigh – I made the decision to visit WAVE for guidance. Their expertise and professional advice led me to try the impressive “Wave RLT-pen 2.0.” We began cautiously with treatments, without a clear idea of where we would end up. I took pictures before starting the treatments so that I could track the progress and results. I must say, I have never experienced anything like it! I treated him six times on both sarcoids, with approximately 15 days in between as a cautious approach. Then, I gave him 20 days without treatment before taking the final pictures. He received four minutes of light therapy each session. I’ve attached some pictures below that clearly show the incredible transformation he underwent. I use my pen for EVERYTHING – tension, stiffness, stable cramps, swellings, wounds, mud fever, my dogs, and the minor aches and pains of my own family. I LOVE it. I can’t imagine life without Wave RLT products; they are true lifesavers in every situation! 

Best regards from a very impressed Julie.

Julie Lissner

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