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Could we be changing saddles when we should be changing stirrups?

“My instructor hates my saddle. Today she tried it with my new RIB stirrups, she not only loved the stirrups but loved the saddle too this time!”  Very controversial topic, but as this comment came from a saddler, it made me sit down and think.  I have a badly smashed left ankle and for years […]

Movement and the Scharf Freedom Girth

Scharf Freedom Girth CLose UP

“It is important for us, as riders, to understand how our horses work & move so that we can make the right choices”. Claire from Hi-Form explains why the Scharf Freedom girth will always be top of the list for their horses.

SCHARF Girth Counterfeit Warning


SITUATION – Scharf have evidence that a company of Pakistani origin have offered for sale the SCHARF Freedom girth, using the same name with images taken directly from the Scharf website. The girth is a counterfeit, unlicensed, unauthorised and not sanctioned in anyway by Scharf.Scharf are working on appropriate and swift legal action in this […]