Have you been wondering what makes EquiPod different from other microcurrent devices?

Have you been wondering what makes EquiPod different from other microcurrent devices?

Out with the old, in with the new. 

EquiPod is the latest microcurrent innovation to enter the equine market. Other, older microcurrent technologies have remained unchanged for the past 8+ years, and have not kept up with the last decade of scientific advancement in microcurrent.

Not all microcurrent is created equal.

Gone are the days of simple, generic microcurrent waveforms. In the past these may have helped in some instances, and are a good testament to microcurrent as a therapeutic, but modern microcurrent technology, like that of EquiPod, have gone way beyond this. 

Treatment programmes in previous equine microcurrent products do not appear to have been created or developed for specific therapeutic outcomes. There doesn’t seem to be any rationale or evidence for the parameters used/chosen, and with indications assigned to treatment programmes retrospectively based on what they seem to be good for. How can you get the best results if you aren’t specifically engineering for them?

EquiPod takes a more rigorous approach, with every treatment programme developed for a specific purpose with clear outcomes. Each treatment programme contains distinct sequences of microcurrent, with each phase focused on a particular benefit or mechanism, collectively ensuring that each treatment programme is highly refined and optimised for its intended therapeutic outcome.

Aim for the bullseye

You wouldn’t splint a leg to fix a broken arm, would you? Using a broad approach to apply microcurrent to one area with the hopes of treating another simply is not supported by any of the published research on microcurrent. When it comes to wound care and tissue repair, microcurrent is always delivered across the specific area of damaged tissue. Any therapeutics that follow this approach go against the scientific mechanisms of action, the methodologies used in published research, and quite frankly, logic.

Whilst there are thought to be some systemic benefits to microcurrent, these are still the result of the current being applied at the injury site. This is why EquiPod uses a highly targeted approach with easy-to-use accessories to ensure treatments can be applied directly to the affected area regardless of where it appears on the horse’s body. The EquiPod KorWrap (leg) and KorBand (back) accessories were designed to easily treat different areas on the legs and back, with the added ability to use conductive pads that can be independently placed around wounds, injuries, joints, etc. for accurate and direct targeting of each treatment.

Still using a pen and paper?

The most important aspect of a therapy product is whether it is delivering the most effective treatments possible, but let’s not forget about user experience. EquiPod owners benefit from a range of super convenient features on the EquiPod mobile app that allows them to track and monitor treatments for each horse (put your notepads away), share this data with others caring for the same horse, and even select the amount of time they want each programme to run for, and much more.

Understanding the differences between different equine therapy products can be a challenge for many horse owners, but with equine microcurrent it’s clear-cut. Upgrade from your old device today with the scientifically based, evidence-led EquiPod. 

The Equipod is a key part of the horses daily routine.  They have a daily maintenance programme using the advanced microcurrent therapy.  I also use the recovery and rehabilitation program after intense training and competitions. I firmly believe this is helping their development and recovery.

Will Rawlin Eventing

Here at Tom Woodward Eventing’ we have adopted the use of Equipod as part of our competition horse management. 
For horses that have had a slight knock or strain we immediately utilise the Repair & Recovery programme to provide the optimum chance of a quick and full recovery and back to training as soon as possible.
We have found that the more highly strung horses have really enjoyed the systemic treatment setting and have regularly been found relaxing in their boxes whilst the programme runs.

The expectation of athletic performance of Event horses is enormous so anything that can help the horse to recover post exercise (DOMs) is really important to include as part of our individual care plan.
 Jaegermaster, who recently won the 3* at Kelsall International HT , has had the therapy every other day for the past 6 weeks. He looks and feels fantastic at the moment and with the u21 Britishh Championship on the horizon he will certainly continue with his EQuipod treatment alongside his training schedule.

Tom Woodward Eventing

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