Scharf launch innovative new training aid.


The Centre Line, experts in equestrian equipment, have just launched the first horse friendly training rein into the UK, made by Danish company ‘Scharf’. Brand new to the market, the Scharf Freedom Soft Reins are an ingenious aid and an entirely new concept designed for and focused on horse welfare.

The Scharf Freedom Soft Reins can be used in all disciplines from Dressage and Jumping to Groundwork and Leisure riding. This training aid does not rely on the rider’s ability in order to perform effectively, so can be used safely by all levels of rider. They offer great support when training your horse, encouraging and allowing them to work over the back and into the contact. This helps with correct muscle development and the added advantage of protecting the horse’s mouth and sensitive soft tissues in the neck, poll and jaw from any additional pressure.  The patent pending design allows for a longer outline for a more novice horse/rider or can be altered using the unique, sliding coaching-ring to a more advanced outline as desired. It reduces excess tension through the rein by instantly releasing when the coaching ring reaches the optimum position.  

It is used as the only rein contact with the horse, no other reins are required.

The Scharf freedom soft rein can be attached to the saddle, the breastplate, the girth straps or on the D-ring of the girth depending on the preference of the rider and the discipline. Whichever model is chosen the action is the same but there will be variants of the angles depending on the horse and rider resistance. 

The Scharf Freedom Soft Reins are made from high quality leather and strong synthetic cord with an elasticated section at the bottom. This elasticity ensures a constant, soft and flexible contact with the horse’s mouth. This innovative operating system provides the reins with a crucial lateral action allowing them to be used as the only rein whilst training your horse. 

So, if you’re looking for a solution to your contact problems then why not try the Scharf Freedom Soft Reins.  Exclusive UK distributors,  The Centre Line are an online equestrian boutique which sources cutting edge kit for ambitious riders. They put all their products through vigorous testing and only distribute premium brands they believe in. This is one of them. Tried and tested by a wide range of riders  the initial feedback has been incredibly positive.

RRP: £170.00

Sizes; Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 

Colours; Chocolate, Black 

Available in 3 models; ‘Central Connection’ (Girth), ‘Side Connection’ and ‘Jumping’ (Martingale)

Press Information: or Tel 01242 603907 –

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