Explaining how to use something is always the most difficult thing to write. Attached to this blog are diagrams which, if I haven’t done a good job, should help you!

Whether you are using the connector under the chest on the D ring of your girth, the side connection or the jumping connection to the breastplate the principle remains the same.

Open the box and remove the reins.  

The coaching rings should be adjusted to the position and angle you require the horse to work at, for horses we recommend 60 cms from the elasticated cord on the central connection for example. The coaching rings must be parallel. 

Clip the connector(s) to the Dring or girth or breastplate depending on the model you have. 

Unbuckle the reins. Put each rein from the inside to the outside of the bit and then pass them through the coaching rings and then rebuckle at the withers. 

You are ready to go. 

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